The trend of ECommerce is growing rapidly in recent years, if you want to have good results for your online business, you need to pay 101% of attention on billing and inventory status, or else your business will fail in the future. For giving a helping hand, below has 3 tips to manage your business’ accounting easily:

1. Sales Report

Make good use of sale report can let you process the billing in the easiest way. For example, by using the sales report, you can receive the orders and payment record in sequence so that you can obtain the information and process the orders in a short time.

2. Stock Record

For a business owner, they are more focused on how to grow business and the ways to increase sales. They usually will lose sight of recording stock. To doing well online, you need to keep a close eye on inventory. Otherwise, customers are not receiving the item when it is out of stock. This situation will directly affect the reputation of your online business.

3. Sale Summary

You can get a good result when you make good use of sale summary. From the sales summary, you can know what item is your best sellers and who is your top salesman. In this way, you can predict when you need to order the stock, don’t let the hot item out of stock. You can also reward the top salesperson and encourage them to keep up the good work!

Here, let us introduce an online business platform, it called EasyStore. It provides ‘one-stop’ solution for merchants to set their own official web pages and sell items on a web page. Not only that, EasyStore provides a lot of channel for increasing the chance to connect with potential customers for merchants. In addition, customers can earn points in the Easy Store, which can be used for the next shopping discount. Merchants can also send newsletters so that customers can remember and review their businesses.

Currently, Biztory has cooperated with EasyStore, so that users of Biztory can upload their own business on the EasyStore platform! And Easystore merchants can use Biztory to open orders and record inventory! Through this cooperation, we hope that merchants can take advantage of this opportunity in the field of online sales to carry forward!

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