Biztory Investor Group Photo

The Beginning of a New Partnership

Opening Event

In the year 2020, Biztory has challenged ourselves by launching the Biztory crowdfunding in Mystartr (Equity Crowdfunding platform certified by Securities Commission). Biztory uses 1 week time which is from 7th January 2020 till 14 January 2020 to gather the investment fund which it created a buzz for that whole one week time and at the end of the day the crowdfunding was successful and have achieved our goal which is to raise 1 million ringgit. Thus, on the 7 February 2020 which is also Chinese New Year period, Biztory has organized an outstanding event called “Investor Appreciation Night” which is located in CO3 Social Office, Puchong. The event can be described as “killing two birds with one stone”. The motive of organizing this event is to thank all the beloved investors who invest in Mystartr Equity Crowdfunding, where the investors willing to put their faith in us and supported us throughout the Crowdfunding event, which we are very grateful and appreciated. Besides that is to let the investors acknowledge the months coming plan of Biztory.  

During the pitching session, Bryan had shared the importance of cloud technology and proving that Biztory can become more successful in the upcoming years, with the estimated 13x return after 3 years because there are more than 300 million markets in Malaysia waiting for Biztory to explore. In the event, there were 5 entrepreneurs at the scene who took turns to present their briefings to attract more investors to invest in their own companies. After the pitching presentation, we all agreed that self-confidence is very important because of self-confidence is the first impression we give to others.

Nevertheless, this event is organized only for investors. The activity of the whole event was included in networking, MoU signing ceremony, speech by the Biztory team and dinner. During the MOU Signing Ceremony was held during the event where Bryan (CEO of Vectory Innovation Sdn Bhd) invited RW William on stage to have a short signing ceremony as a formal agreement between two or more parties as between companies and organizations to use MoU to establish an official partnership. RW William PLT is a Professional Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants and SST Consultants, which the company was formed in the year 2003, in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The main services that the company provides are Audit and Assurance, Taxation, Sales and Service Tax (SST).

MoU Signing Ceremony

In the upcoming March, Biztory will launch the Tax Estimator with the cooperation from RW William to ease the tax problem which SME’s business owners usually face. Furthermore, in this event investors get to partake and acknowledge the future plan that Biztory is heading to, which is in Biztory 2020 Plan, the team are committed to hit RM 1.6 million this year. Besides that, Biztory is interested in recruiting more talent from different areas of expertise to join the Biztory team and together in making Biztory greater. Apart from that, Biztory aims to expand through offline through partnership and organising more events for the future exposure to reach out to more individuals and companies as well. 

Aside from that, Biztory will leverage resellers through on-ground seminars to educate resellers on how to proceed the next step and many other things. Biztory is also focusing more on digital marketing such as SEO and SEM besides only focusing on Facebook. Biztory is not only trying to improve the business but also to emphasize on the relationship with the investors, therefore we have created a whatsapp group for investors and for those who have yet to join, are able to join the group chat. Besides that, we will create an official email for investors, for future communications, as well as updating the management account to review on the company performance through quarterly updating on google drive which can be sent through email. 

Biztory Team

In conclusion, the event was successful as we gathered lots of positive feedback and much support and trust from our investors, hence our effort has paid off because we have put in a lot of effort into organizing this event to make our lovely investors feel appreciated.