Lucrative Return

In 2018, we successfully grown our revenue by four times with RM300K from Cradle!

Now, we are raising RM1 million to confidently replicate our success in the next three years and grow 13-fold. By then, your Return On Investment will be 1300%!

Recurring Income

Biztory adopts SaaS subscription model, makes it more affordable to enter and maintain stable income.

No more bad debts or cashflow shortage as every payment will auto-debit on time, even while we are off duty!

Trending Tech

Cloud technology has become a global trend and we are amongst the leading player in Malaysia.

New generations want the convenience of online tools and cloud computing would lay the foundation for AI and big data development!

Strong Alliances

Biztory has established many strategic partners to build a good force, we are also the exclusive accounting software service provider of Hong Leong Bank.

This creates a barrier of entry for our competitor to catch up so that we could grow rapidly! 

Effective Acquisition

We have mastered the success factor to acquire users purely online at very low cost without any manpower involved.

The ROAS has been maintained at 1:3 for the past 18 months, it means every RM1 spend on ad will bring back RM3 revenue!

Profitable Company

We are a profitable company to ensure every penny you invest in will be used to develop rapidly rather than support the team.

Coupled with SaaS’s cumulative revenue, it is safe to say that we will never be in a loss position once break-even!


Painkiller Product

Accounting is a necessity for every business, and it is also a global business, regardless of the economic downturn.

There are more than 300K SMEs in our country that have not digitize their business. There is a RM300 millions market size up for grab!

Solid Team

Our award-winning team has garnered the necessary skillset and experience to build the great product.

Moreover, we are passionate in helping more SMEs succeed by embracing technology in their business and sustain their competitive advantage!

Tech-turned Entrepreneur

11 years in the ICT field
Leading award-winning team
Clientele includes Chevron, Jobstreet, MyEG

Bryan Soong, CEO

bryan@biztory.com.my (016 - 328 8370)

Sales Veteran

12 years in Sales & Marketing
Insightful and experienced about SME trading industry

Carol Cheong, VP Product

carol@biztory.com.my (012 - 380 3369)

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