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We are …

A Cloud Accounting and Online Billing software without installation. It can be accessed with any device (computer, smartphone, iPad, etc) as long as there is a network connection. The biggest advantage of Biztory is it is easy to operate and easy to use.

Now, Biztory is serving more than 6,500 SMEs in 60 cities across the country. In addition, we also hold two “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” activities every month, which through one-to-one consultation to answer your doubt! However, you are welcomed to join our “Online Demo” if you can’t attend “AMA”.

How Biztory can help you?

People without an accounting-based will feel headache and confused when they are faced with billing, account management, and tax submission. Now, a cloud accounting software can make invoices and documents as simple as Excel, and automatically record all financial transactions, so that you can work anytime and anywhere when your business is moved to the cloud.

How to solve your financial management problems when moved to the cloud? Let’s reveal them to you.


Reduce the cumbersome process


Everyone can use it easily


Improve work efficiency rapidly


Access anytime, anywhere

In addition, Biztory also contains the following functions, so that you can manage your business and company’s finance easily!

SST Ready
128-bit SSL Data Security
Mobile Friendly
Technical Support
Auto Online Backup
Payment Gateway
Automatic payments on a regular basis
No accounting-based needed
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1. I would like to sign up for Early Bird Package A, how should I proceed to the next step?
You can click on the ‘Sign up now’ button above in order to pre-lock the Early Bird Package A’s quota. Our equity crowdfunding campaign will be officially launched this October 11th, stay tuned and we will provide you the latest information.
2. I am a user of Biztory Cloud Accounting Software now. Can I purchase this Early-bird Package A for the next time using purpose?
The Early-bird Package A is for the new users who are now signing up for this crowdfunding event.
I have signed up for this crowdfunding campaign3. When can I start using this M plan Cloud Accounting Software?
You can start using your one-year M plan Cloud Accounting Software after the end of the crowdfunding program, and we will assist you in the process.
4. If I want to increase the investment amount of Early-bird Package A to RM2570, what will I get?
You will get a total of 5 Biztory one-year M plan cloud accounting software, but these 5 accounts cannot be used in the same company.
5. What should I do if I wish to continue to use Biztory M plan cloud accounting software in the future after a year?
You will be notified before the end of your user system and can contact us by clicking the “button” in the lower right corner. We will help you throughout the process
6. After signing up for Early-bird Package A and used Biztory M plan cloud accounting software for a year, I would like to terminate my Biztory cloud accounting software account. What should I do?
Simply drop a message to us through the “button” and we shall assist you throughout the termination process. You may continue to be our member to read the account, account information will be kept for six months.