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【Fund Biztory, Build our Story】
The platform is ready, let’s explore together

The platform is ready, let’s explore together

Biztory cloud accounting software has entered its fourth year,
Over the years, we have helped many SMEs managing their finances.
Now, more than 6,500 organizations have registered to use Biztory in 60 cities across the state, issuing up to 30, 000 invoice every month.

The future will continue to explore a larger market,
To help more SMEs,
Performance improvement and growth of smart financial technology.

As a dealer of Biztory,
You will become our partner of accounting software,
And help SMEs to manage their accounting more easily.

Last year, we received RM300,000 from Cradle, quadrupling our customers and revenue increase within 12 months.

This year, we have set a target “13 times growth over the next three years”. With mature customer acquisition strategy, product advantages and passionate team, we have the absolute determination and confidence to achieve this goal!

Not only that, we also sincerely invite partners to join us, and we work together, share profits together!

8 reasons you can’t miss to join Biztory

Global trends

Cloud technology is leading the way in Malaysia

Business necessity

Accounting is a necessity for every business, and our system ensures that everyone can use it easily

Vision to help SMEs

Through cloud technology, the traditional business model can be transformed into technology way to help more SMEs

Have strong and powerful partners

With many large enterprises to maintain a strong partnership, continue to optimize the system to help more SMEs grow
For example: Hong Leong Bank, iPay88, Kakitangan

The company continues to grow rapidly

We are an agile innovation and the rapid growth of the company. In the last 12 months, quadruple client growth, income increased triple.

The company breaks even on profits

Every investment will be used on development on the growth of the company.

Have a sound and proven strategy for customer acquisition

70% of the money will be spent on marketing strategies to ensure a 13-fold growth rate over three years

Strong and powerful young team

We are a passionate team that not only ensures the quality of our services, but also helps local businesses move into technology

Listen to what they say

Biztory is very easy to use, they have completed accounting functions and features, and runs our business more modernization. Now, we are no longer have to wait for the accounting manager or back to the office to get an update on our financial situation.

Philip Loo (Loo Urban Farm)

For those who do not have accounting experience, Biztory is very easy for me to use, I can log into the accounting system anytime and anywhere to understand the business. Biztory are very user friendliness, especially for startups company, you can’t miss Biztory.

Chua Li Yee (Zeroo)

Be grateful to Biztory founder’s mission: to help Startup companies,
I’m using Biztory even though I don’t have any experience at accounting.
Thanks for Biztory’s patient teaching, which has helped me a lot of trouble in handling financial transactions.
And the system is constantly updated, cashflow also very clear, very convenient, easy to operate.

Domaise Lew (T2M New Media Sdn Bhd)

Business opportunities are coming!

Biztory sincerely invites agents to join,
ONLY need RM 20,004 then can join us!!!
Biztory M plan cloud accounting system is available for a LIFETIME long
In addition, you can enjoy 50% Biztory cloud accounting systems and services
Let you start small business, greatly profit!
Also become one of our shareholders NOW!

How it works

Biztory crowdfunding campaign will be launched on October 11, Stay Tuned!


1. I would like to sign up for the Reseller Package , how should I proceed to the next step?
You can click on the ‘Sign up now’ button above in order to participate in our ECF reseller package. Our equity crowdfunding campaign will be officially launched this 1st of November, stay tuned and we will provide you the latest information.
2. I want to know more about reseller program, what should I do?
You can visit our Reseller Program website – https://www.biztory.com.my/be-our-reseller/ to find out more or contact our team to provide you with more information throughout the process.
3. If I would like to invest in Reseller Package but I don’t want to become a reseller agent, what should I do?
You can contact our team to help you through the process and let you know more about it.
4. Any training provided for this software?
All new subscribers are eligible to enjoy one training for free. However, we also offer on-site training for your company on certain charges.
P. S. You can also search for your answer using our Help Center (Ask Me Question!) button.