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Introducing Biztory AccPlus
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1. Can I upgrade/downgrade anytime?
Yes! You can choose to change your subscription plan anytime. Just contact us by clicking the bottom right “button” and we will assist you throughout the process.
2. Can I start from FREE and upgrade to paid version later on?
Yes! You can choose to subscribe to our services once you have tried our trial version.
3. How do I make payment?
After you have chosen your subscription plan, proceed to fill in the details, and you can pay using your credit card or debit card.
4. Will I receive reminder to renew my subscription?
Yes, a notification will appear in your Biztory account when your subscription is about to end. An email will also be sent to your registered email address.
5. How do I terminate my account?
Simply drop a message to us through the “button” and we shall assist you throughout the termination process.
6. Any training provided for this software?
All new subscribers are eligible to enjoy one training for free. However, we also offer on-site training for your company on certain charges.
P. S. You can also search for your answer using our Help Center (Ask Me Question!) button.
7. What is e-Invoicing quota?
In Biztory, there is a function that allows you to send documents such as invoices and quotations to your client by email. E-invoicing quota is the limit of emails you can send using Biztory every month.
P. S. Your e-invoicing quota will not affect the number of invoices you can key-in to Biztory, and it will be refreshed every month.
8. How do you count the users? Can I login the same account from multiple devices?
A user is an account that you use to login to Biztory and perform any task. Yes, You can login to the same account using different devices.
9. Can I add multiple company in one Biztory account?
No, it is impossible to add multiple companies in one Biztory account. Biztory treats the data registered in your account as one company.
However, Biztory allows you to monitor the performance of multiple branches under one company.
10. Can I monitor multiple branches under same company in one Biztory account?
Yes, just let us know by sending in a message through the “button”.
11. What is Open API?
API stands for “Application Program Interface”. It is the interface to connect 2 kind of software. Having an Open API meaning other software can integrate with Biztory to allow for greater services.