Malaysia’s First JomPAY Invoicing Solution for SME


Want to offload your work from making payments? Getting a JomPAY merchant account is hectic? Want to sync your bank data directly to your accounting? We understand your problems. But do not worry, as Biztory is now working closely with Hong Leong Bank to bring you and every small businesses the first-of-its-kind, e-solution in Malaysia! Now, everything is just a few clicks away! You can now focus on growing your business and leave the rest to us.



You can now issue invoices to your customers with a JomPAY biller code and get paid easier. Once the payment is made into your bank account, it will notify Biztory and automate that particular invoice as paid. All these can be done by just one click! How easy is that? Learn more about JomPAY for business


Instead of paying off your company expenses one by one using Biztory, you can now pay it all at once with just a click away! Our Biztory users can now tick the files that they want to pay, download the file, and upload on Hong Leong Bank ConnectFirst and pay it altogether.

Bank Reconciliation

There’s no need to do the time-consuming bank reconciliation work anymore! The Cashflow bar at the main page on Biztory now syncs with your Hong Leong Bank ConnectFirst account, so just check your real-time bank balance from Biztory will do!


All you need is a Biztory account and Hong Leong ConnectFirst current account to enjoy this superpower.
Biztory gets your invoicing and accounting on cloud, so that you can manage it anywhere, anytime. It is designed to be boss-friendly, even for someone who has zero accounting knowledge!
Present your business the gift of efficiency and convenience, with comprehensive solutions designed to keep your business running smoothly. Hong Leong ConnectFirst helps you manage your business cash management effectively and efficiently.

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