1. Can I upgrade/downgrade anytime?
Yes, you can choose to change your subscription plan anytime. Just contact us by sending in a ticket and we will assist you throughout the process.
2. Can I start from FREE and upgrade to paid version later on?
Yes. Choose a plan that suits your business the most and click on the “Subscribe” button. You will then be redirected into making payment.
3. How do I make payment?
On the payment page, fill in details for your subscription and proceed to paying with your credit card.
4. Will I receive reminder to renew my subscription?
Yes, a notification will be shown to you in Biztory when your subscription is about to end. An email is also sent to your registered email address during signup.
5. How do I terminate my account?
Simply drop in a ticket and we shall assist you throughout the termination process.
6. Any training provided for this software?

All new subscribers are eligible to enjoy one time free training. However, we also offer on-site training for your company on certain charges.

Also, you can search for helpful information using our Freshdesk or send in a ticket “Ask Me Question”if none of these information solve your problems.

7. What is e-Invoicing quota?
Using Biztory you may send out documents such as invoices and quotations by email to your clients. E-invoicing quota is the limit of emails you may send out per month via Biztory (refreshes at start of month). It does not limit the number of invoices you can key-in to Biztory in any way.
8. How do you count the users? Can I login the same account from multiple devices?
A user means an account you use to login to Biztory and perform any actions. You may login to the same account using different devices.
9. Can I add multiple company in one Biztory account?
Biztory treats your bills, invoices, expenses, taxes and so on entered to the system as one company. It is not possible to process data of several companies using a single Biztory account. However, Biztory allows you to take care and monitor performance of multiple branches of one company.
10. Can I monitor multiple branches under same company in one Biztory account?
Yes. Please contact us by sending in a ticket if you would like to handle multiple branches using Biztory.
11. What is Open API?
In short, API is the interface to connect two pieces of software. By having open API, we allow other software to integrate with Biztory to form a greater solution.
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