August Newsletter

Hello from Biztory! New month new features guys! We have come out 6 new features which can help you get more easily dealing with accounting and numbers


  1. You can now upload imgae or document onto your invoice.
    Always wonder if we can come out with a feature where you can upload your signature then so you don’t need to sign in all papers? Yes, we have it now! Wanna see the steps? Click here


  2. Want to add some extra information to your invoice’s remarks?
    Do you have extra information which you would like to add into your invoice receipt? You can do it now! There are two ways you can do it, wonder how it works? Click here to check it out!
  3. Share your receipt through WhatsApp immediately by one click!
    Always thinking it takes time and steps to send all receipt through WhatsApp to your customers? We are thinking in your way, Once you have done keying in all the information and paid the payment, you can click the “WhatsApp” button and our system will bring you to your WhatsApp page. Well, do you know you are able to choose who to send too? Click here and you will see the tutorial 

  4. Upload your receipt or related image to your invoice.
    Afraid your receipt will be missing? Now we have a feature where you can save your image into your invoice, it will stay in the system unless you choose to delete them. If you are a forgetful person, this is just right for you! Excited to try it out? Click here.


  5. Simply styling your own invoice’s numbering.
    Bored of the font and format? We have added some wording feature into Biztory, it helps you to stands out the key words and more, take a try in here.

  6. Email your payment receipt In fast track.
    Wanted to send your payment receipt just by one click? You can do it in Biztory too! We have added a new button in blue which helps you send your payment receipt in fast track! Click in here to find out how fast could it be.













June Newsletter

Hello from Biztory, it’s another new month and we have some new features for you! Raya has also just passed not long ago, and we hope you had the best one! Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. GST tax rate to 0%

Due to the announcement regarding the amendment of the GST tax rate to 0%, all business owners are required to change their product’s tax code to SR-0 with 0%. The total value of supplying these products will be recorded under column 5(a) in GST-03 form. As for input tax, TX will be changed to TX-0.

To find out how to change your tax rate to 0%, click here. 

2. You are now able to set general journal binding in three ways:

i) Able to set general journal binding in My Biztory->Journal Binding

You now have a freedom to put your items in any category you like, through journal binding. Before this, our system automatically places your items in certain categories, for example: If you create a sales invoice, it will automatically be put under the “Sales” category.  You can follow the tutorial “here” to change your settings.

ii) Able to set Kakitangan journal binding

You now also have the freedom to put your Kakitangan file into whichever category you’d like. Before this, our Kakitangan files are always put under the category “Other claim”, and we found out that it might not be where our customer’s want to put it. Therefore, we have created another category called “Director’s claim” as well for our users to pick as they like. To know how to do this, click here.

iii) Able to set product level journal binding in the product module

You can now also do journal binding through your products. Once you have changed the product category to a new category instead of a default setting, your product will always only be placed in the category that you’ve set. To see how to do this, please follow this tutorial here:

Disclaimer: You must be careful and really understand where you want to place your items, as it will cause a lot of error if you are unclear. If you made an error, you will have to edit all your items one by one again yourselves. Please be extremely clear before taking this action.

3. Product descriptions can now appear in the next line, instead of the same line.

For those of you who didn’t know, we have originally created a feature where you can add your description beside your products in your sales/purchase/expenses invoices. It used to only appear in the same line as your products, which we understand might be confusing, but now, you can finally write your product description in the next line! To see how to do this, do follow our tutorial here:

Our tech team is also working hard to fix all the tech problems and bugs that occurred during the last month! Here are some of the bug fixes that we have fixed to improve Biztory!

Bug fixes :

  1. new – Mar ’18 update for GST (TX-CG, IM-CG etc.). Also, calculate Other Supplies under GST-03 form’s column 15
    2. fix – create new DO with status delivered did not trigger inventory log
    3. fix – unable to create new DO with status “Not delivered”
    4. enhance – product description appear next line instead of the same line
    5. fix – ageing report should not include deleted records
    6. fix – cannot apply CN dated after GST commencement date to invoice dated before GST commencement date
    7. fix – more accurate Balance Sheet and P&L
    8. fix – Save & New did not clear previous payment term
    9. enhance – Kakitangan import function
    10. new – 0% rate GST amendment as per 1/6/2018
    11. fix – multi-currency showed a different subtotal
    12. fix – DO to get correct attn. name
    13. fix – Dashboard’s cash in bank to be more accurate
    14. fix – do not show Chrome’s autocomplete
    15. fix – replace “Due at” with “Due on”“`

Tickets solved in the last 30 days: 120

Thank you for reading and we hope you are satisfied with all of the bug fixes that we have fixed, and the new features! We also hope to serve our customers in the best way we can!


The Biztory Team

New Packages? Better solutions for you!

Biztory has finally launched two new packages that involve accounting consultation services, starting from this month onwards! We get questions everyday about accounting, and we thought it’d be great to partner with BT Advisory PLT to give you the best solutions! Below are our two new packages which you can upgrade to, to experience Biztory in a better level! Both of the packages come with our M plan, which you can refer to here.

What Does our new accounting plan include? (T&C applies) 

*Biztory AccPlus (RM199/mo)*
– Biztory Medium plan
– Accounting consultation service (online)
– Annual tax return submission

*Biztory AccPro (RM499/mo)*
– Biztory Medium plan
– Accounting consultation service (online)
– Annual tax return submission
– Accounting review service (on-site once per quarter)
– Accounting data entry (every end of the quarter)

Doesn’t that sound exciting and value for money? Our team in Biztory try our very best to cater to everyone, from the non-tech-savvy to a person who has 0 knowledge of accounting! Now, you can worry less, upgrade to our accounting packages, and ask away! What are you waiting for? Sign up with us now!

To find out more, you can drop us a message on our Facebook Messenger or send us a ticket here

Best Regards,

The Biztory team


Terms & Conditions: 

  1. Prices are applicable for companies with annual revenue below RM1million only.
  2. Tax submissions are meant for company taxes only (No personal/employee tax)

June update

In just a blink of an eye, May is over and another brand new month is starting! Time flies huh?

We hope you had the best month, with all the changes going around for the betterment of Malaysia!

This section is completely new, and it is a space to educate our new subscribers on all the new features we released every month!

So, keep a look out for new features on this page every month end! Let us now tell you what’s new with us in the month of May.

  1. “Read Only” is now available!

We’ve heard our customers, and we have finally implemented the ” Read-only ” feature in Biztory! This feature will only allow users who are selected to read the files in Biztory, and they are not allowed to edit it. To see how to use this feature, you can follow these steps below : 

If you choose a role with “Read Only”. Your user can only read your files and won’t be able to edit it if you set their roles as “Read only

First Step: Click on your profile icon on the top right, and click on “My Users”

   Second Step: Select the user you want and click on the “Edit’ button.

   Third Step: Scroll down until you see the “Read Only” bar, and select yes.

   Fourth Step : Save

All our tutorials can also be found on our tutorial page here
2.  Product import including stock is now here!

We’ve always had a feature where our subscribers could import their products into our system. But, we did not use to have the stock feature, and now, we do! You can adjust your stock counts simply and easily now!

3. You can now download your billing history.

There is now an upgrade for our billing system! In our latest update, the subscription page will include a new billing button where you can download your billing history.