Our Customers

Biztory is always trying to improvise to satisfy all our customer’s needs, and we are always happy to hear our customer’s feedback, whether the good or bad!  We have customers all over Malaysia, and here are some testimonials. Thank you for supporting Biztory and sticking by us! We will try our best to make Biztory the best version it can ever be!


Philip Loo, Loo Urban Farm


“It is easy to use with complete features and functionalities to run a business the modern way. Gone are the days where you need to wait for your account manager or go back to your office computer to retrieve up to date financial status. The support team is very helpful and efficient.”

Chua Li Yee, Zeroo

“With Biztory, I can have a quick access into accounting system anytime, anywhere. It is very easy to use for me, who do not have accounting knowledge. Such user friendly system which you wouldn’t want to miss out, especially for new startup company.”

Kelvin Tang, Populus

“The system is very great and the customer service is awesome! Love the way they handle our enquiry!”

Serry Yap, YTL Network Enterprise

“I had used Biztory for 3 years. Starting the service was not so good, but this company keep on improving. It’s worth to try.”

Domaise Lew, T2M New Media Sdn Bhd

“感恩Biztory 老板的宗旨 :就是想帮助刚Start Up 公司,就连不会用Account 的白痴都会用。。
感恩 Biztory 的耐心教导,帮我省了很多麻烦,比如quotation, invoice, purchase invoice, 全部不用自己做了,他的system 一贯全包。
而且不断更新,连cash flow 都可以一目了然,非常方便,容易操作”

Chuor Wei Li, Petoo Pet Supplies Sdn Bhd

“身为一个系统白痴的我.. 用过无数的系统.. 最后还是觉得biztory 比较适合我..”

Kikky, IO Lab

“很容易上手的一个系统。 就算我本身根本不会accounting, 但基本上只要跟着步骤做 最基本的开单就已经完成了。”