Our Story

Started from a small rented apartment in Bukit Jalil back in 2014, three friends/business partners came together to create their passion, a cloud accounting software named Biztory. It all began when the three founders wanted to create something of their own, as they already had many experiences building systems for huge corporate companies like KLCC, Jobstreet, etc. With everything that they’ve created, they saw many investors investing in softwares and processors that give their clients better workflow and processors. That really gave them the motivation to come up with something themselves that could really help all the SME’s out there. But what really pushed them forward was when GST was implemented in Malaysia. They saw many SMEs who were struggling because they did not know how GST works, and one of their clients also requested for a project, which was to create the simplest cloud accounting system that includes GST to help them understand and use GST in the simplest way. Then, they all quit their well-paid, full-time positions to chase their dreams. With only experiences in IT, they worked their way up to learn accounts themselves to create Biztory. After three months of hard work and learning from several accountants, the first version of Biztory was finally formed.


The three founders then started talking to many more SMEs to gather their feedback. They gathered about 20-30 SME business owners to understand the issues that they were facing, and also understand what they want in an accounting software that can really help them to push their businesses forward. The three founders realise that there were many SMEs facing the same issues, which is the difficulty to understand most accounting softwares out there and many of them were reluctant to use accounting systems because they think it’s a huge investment, as the upfront payment for most accounting softwares cost too much. The three founders then studied other country’s directions and practices, and eliminated the traditional idea of having a one off payment, instead, they built a long term customer relationship where they can subscribe the service, and leave the maintenance and features up to us. With all the feedback the founders got, they improvised Biztory into an entry-level business-driven software that is designed for business owners rather than accountants, and that is what sets Biztory apart from other competitors. Biztory is what most of the business owner wants, and that is a software that allows everyone to use effortlessly, even if one does not have any knowledge about accounting.


Lastly, Biztory have come a long way, with over 5000 subscribers all over Malaysia currently, and only with a team of only 8 people working together. Biztory is always improving for the betterment of our customers, and it never ends here. In the near future, we are aiming for Biztory to be positioned as a one-stop business hub for business owners, so everyone could digitize their business and make their business successful! Biztory also hope to be all SMEs trusted vendors that open doors for their digital business solution, and hope to have more partners in the future! There’s more to come in Biztory, and together, we can empower more small businesses.