Our Story

Started from a small rented apartment in Bukit Jalil back in 2014, three friends/business partners came together to create their passion, a cloud accounting software named Biztory. It all began when a client of theirs requested for a project, which was to create the simplest cloud accounting system that includes GST. Therefore, they all quit their well-paid, full-time positions to achieve this dream. With only experiences in IT, they worked their way up to learn accounts themselves to create Biztory. After three months of hard work and learning from several accountants, Biztory was finally formed. 

Biztory have come a long way, with over 5000 subscribers all over Malaysia currently, and only with a team of only 8 people working together. There were many new ideas and features formed over the years for it to be where it is now. However, Biztory was not how it was before. It was initially an accounting software just like any other. But, they soon realised that not everyone understands how an accounting software works, as it is usually very complicated. Therefore, throughout the months they designed it based on their client’s request, from the ways of it being the easiest cloud accounting software to their creation of semi-auto invoices.


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