Sharing is Caring

Getaway, a trip that brings us a source of inspiration to plan for the future plan together. At the beginning of the session, we have followed the Getaway’s agenda to discuss about Crowdfunding and we started to do research on the topic to understand more about it. After that, each of us has done some readings and research from different aspects of Crowdfunding for about half an hour and we gathered up all the pieces of information by sharing the information among us. Then, we will keep questions when we met some uncertainty to make sure we have a clear mindset towards the topic and a consistent understanding about what we will going to do next. In the process, we have a certain understanding of this and have analyzed on what and why we want to do crowdfunding, the three major investor groups (customers, partners, investors), how we can promote crowdfunding and etc.

After making clear of what is crowdfunding, we continue our discussion session by observing and analyzing to create a Crowdfunding package with a mature concept. During the discussion, we had the courage to raise up our thoughts and own ideas, so that everyone may think from different aspects to develop an ideal package planning. After that, we conducted a small group discussion to brainstorm about the perspectives of 3 groups of investors from various groups by highlighting the product value, the function of the product, the market of the product to catch the attention of the investors who are interested in it. However, we are not only focused on each of the small group but we assisted each other in order to achieve a complementary discussion of the project. Then, we continue the main topic by analyzing the theme of focus and maintain the benefits between two parties, lead the crowdfunding plan with a certain sense of innovation and technology to be attracted by future investors.

At night time, the two team members all gathered together in a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere to share the results and ideas that we have completed throughout the day. This sharing allowed us to understand the current status of our progress and understand where to have to make corrections and the missing parts. With the perseverance and dare to ask questions with not evade the problems have made us learn to move forward together consistently. Although we are tired but it was still worth it for gaining more knowledge and know about the teammates.