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Image source: mystartr.com

Selangor, 15 January 2020 – Biztory successfully attracted 96 investors in just 8 days, raising a total of RM1,039,860, becoming Mystartr’s first-ever successful crowdfunding project.

Biztory Equity Crowdfunding project was live on Mystartr, a licensed equity crowdfunding platform by the Security Commission since 7th January with a minimum target of RM500,000 and ended in eight days.

Biztory Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Soong (left) and Vice President of Product, Carol Cheong (right)

“In 2019, we have become a profitable company. Through this crowdfunding, we aim to make a 13 times flip growth and help our investors to exit by going public in 3 years.” said Biztory Chief Executive Officer Bryan Soong about the return on investment.

“Through Biztory, we wish to digitize more SMEs by embracing technology, thus reducing costs and increasing competitiveness. As entrepreneurship has become a trend nowadays, they should leverage on cloud computing to manage their business anywhere, anytime. Since our crowdfunding is a great success, we are confident to expand quickly and realize our vision”, said Bryan Soong, who mentioned how to help SMEs.

In 2018, Biztory received RM 300K grant from Cradle Fund CIP300 for commercialization and was successfully quadrupled its performance within 12 months. At the same time, Biztory was recognized in multiple startup competitions, with a recent achievement in winning the first runner-up at Pitch@Selangor 2019 which is organized by Selangor State Government, walked away with a cash prize and a sponsored trip to Silicon Valley. Biztory is also the exclusive accounting software vendor for Hong Leong Bank’s customers, which is also one of the few accounting software in Malaysia that can integrate with the bank.

Biztory is designed to be user-friendly for small business owners so that someone who has no accounting background can also manage their finance easily. To date, Biztory is powering more than 6,500 businesses across 60 cities nationwide, assisting companies in various industries, such as trading, retail, and service-based to reduce the cost burden of accounting and bookkeeping. 

Biztory is now recruiting resellers and SME partners to expand the market together. For more information, please visit www.biztory.com.my.