See how Biztory & Kakitangan help all SMEs to be successful!

  Worried about the workload when you handle your payroll, claims, benefits, leave and more? Want to stop recording all those things above manually? Looking for an online HR? You are not alone! We understand the hassle you have to go through, but do not worry, as Kakitangan is now in collaboration with Biztory! With Biztory and Kakitangan together, you can now digitise your business and offload your work easily and efficiently! You can also integrate your expenses from Kakitangan into Biztory. We promise that using both our systems, you will save a lot of manpower, and cost!   Biztory and Kakitangan are both startups that aims to help all SMEs to push their business to a new level. Biztory has been running for a while now, helping over 5000 SMEs all over Malaysia with their accounts and also helping everyone to be more aware of how their management of cash flows are in their businesses. Whereas Kakitangan is also an online HR system that helps all SMEs to handle their payroll, claims, benefits, leaves, etc with an easier, better way! Even better, Kakitangan also helps saves environment by encouraging everyone to use their system instead of doing their HR – and having paper clutter at their workspace. Together, we can empower more SMEs around Malaysia and help save the planet!

How do Biztory and Kakitangan work together?


  1. Use Kakitangan Kakitangan has the feature to have an automatic payroll calculations,transactions and pay slip distribution! As mentioned on the above, you can also handle your payroll, claims, benefits leave, etc for your employees. It is indeed an online HR system! Click here to find out more!
  1. Use Biztory to record your expenses from Kakitangan. Allow Biztory to record your expenses from Kakitangan for you in our “Expenses” category. Don’t worry, you do not have to key in your expenses one by one. Here are 5 steps to show you how quick and easy this process is!

Step 1:  Export Data from Kakitangan Payroll Summary

Step 2: Enable settings in “My Biztory” under “Expenses”

Step 3: Click on the dropdown button to import your Kakitangan file

Step 4: Import Kakitangan CSV file

Step 5: Select the date for your expenses according to your expenses month, and confirm!

That’s all you have to do! Isn’t it simple? It is just a few clicks away, and it really saves a lot of cost and effort. Am i eligible for this feature? :Yes, everyone is eligible as long as you have subscribed to our Basic/ Growth/ Pro/ AccPro/ AccPlus plan!