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【First Battle

“Guess how many days will we go to Top 3?” Halfway through the monthly meeting, Carol suddenly asked us about it. Hence, Biztory is conducting a crowdfunding campaign, the goal which is 500 thousand. That’s when everyone starts looking at each other and no one has yet to answer. Because other competitors had started their crowdfunding almost a month now and then ours just started. The main point is our general Bryan has set a goal that we only have one week to hit target. So how long does it take to get Top 3 is really hard to answer. At that moment, Wei Chun answered with confidence: “Today!” Carol repiled: “Really? If you answer it correctly, I will buy you a cup of bubble tea.” That night, miraculously, we went to Top3! And now, the battle is about to begin……

【“World War 3”

This is one hectic week that makes us put all our energy on it. Other companies’ projects use a 60 days deadline for the crowdfunding project, but as for our company, only given 1 week of time. Let’s take Bryan’s motivation line: “Isn’t it so exciting? Isn’t it really motivating?” It is not easy to raise 1 million in just a week. Everyone in the company has been busy the whole week, some busy contacting investors, writing articles, preparing for crowdfunding activities, and designing posters (and she is the most “Kesian”, as posters keep getting rejected, and making changes again and again). It is conceivable that this time we used all the energy that we have.

Hence, continuously fought until the 8th day, which is the last day of the crowdfunding event, we did a small celebration party with popping champagne, to celebrate on our crowdfunding project has reached more than 700 thousand. During the celebration, we were drinking champagne, eating fruits, while chatting. Suddenly “ding, ding” the phone rang, it was the notice that notified us that the project increased by another RM 20k. It is conceivable that every minute and every second we have experienced a week is full of challenges and surprises.

【Return with Glory】

At the end of the celebration party, an investor asked us could he still increase the amount? Suddenly, as soon as he increased the amount, it increased by RM 70k. The number on the web page instantly broke from over RM860k to RM900k. This is an achievement we have never expected. And at this time, this amount keeps remaining the same. It is already 9 pm, and there are less than 3 hours left until the crowdfunding deadline. Whether we should continue to pursue this one million goal or not. With a fluke mentality, I asked a few more people, but I didn’t know that another RM 20k was cast in. With only one hour left and the last RM 25k, then we can raise 1 million. There is no such thing as an invincible road, and another angel said to our general, Bryan, still left how much? I will help you complete it. Immediately, the angel cast another RM 20k. Did you know that for the last 10 minutes, just RM 530, we could have reached the goal of 1 million. The only regret is that we only need RM 530 to reach 1 million. It doesn’t matter, we’ve put our best efforts. Suddenly a lot of messages of congratulations came in. Congratulations on successfully raising 1 million? With a skeptical attitude, we opened the website and OMG!! We really succeeded, we raised 1 million!!! The last investor successfully posted at 11:59 pm. God, the effort paid off!

Although the whole process goes really busy and fast, everyone put their best effort to get it done. Because everyone only has one goal, which is one million! Before the end of the crowdfunding, we also held a small celebration party and said with a smile that is it really possible to raise 1 million? In the last 2 hours before the end of the crowdfunding, Bryan kept reporting on the progress, Still left 100k, 50k and 25k. We can only keep refreshing the webpage, and pray that this one million will really come true. Bryan’s famous words struck again, and the thorns were not irritating and tight. He even asked us, “Want to live?” At the last minute, 25k GOALLLL! We did it!! We successfully reached the ultimate crowdfunding goal in a week and a day! It’s even tenser than the World Cup!

After this week’s struggle, we have learned a lot. Learned how to communicate with investors, time management, and how to write eye-catching copywriting. Although this battle has passed, the real challenge is coming. We need to be mentally prepared for the next battle!

by JH

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