Grab Financial Services

Do you ever wonder where to look for a trustworthy business financing partner? Need help in helping your business get off the ground and grow? Well, Grab is here to help you!

Yes you heard that right! Grab!

Grab isn’t just your typical transportation network company, because now Grab has recently set up Grab Financial Services Malaysia (GFSM)!

Grab is an official business partner for Biztory and our mission is to help local businesses succeed, and together with Fundaztic, we aim to help our merchants grow their business too!

A loan is typically designed to help you grow your business, whether to help with day to day cash flow, extend your list of employees, to purchase new equipment or to simply branch out and open new outlets!

Here are some of the benefits from GFSM: 

The rates for the business financing are as below :

For example, if you secured a RM10k loan over the course of 6 months, the monthly repayment would only be RM1,750 per month, making it super affordable!

If you have an interest in this business financing and would like to apply