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1 June 2020, Puchong, Selangor – Biztory today launched the first version of its mobile accounting app for small- and medium-sized enterprises or SMEs in Malaysia. The mobile app enables users to create and share sales invoices on the go, either via a smartphone or a tablet computer. In addition to invoicing, it also allows business owners and users to check on inventory. The app will update the inventory every time stocks are listed in a new invoice. Biztory mobile app is available starting now for subscribers of Biztory L service package. It runs on Android and iOS devices. 

Bryan Soong, Founder and CEO of Biztory said, “Biztory accounting software was only available as a web version. We have been aware of the increasing number of mobile users and the average time spent on mobile devices in the country. Mobility has become a critical component of doing business. So, we’re thrilled that our mobile app is finally here now to serve the SME community.” 

Using Biztory mobile app has advantages and one of them is that it allows users to share invoices via email or WhatsApp. The other advantage is, all data entered in an invoice will be automatically saved in the cloud, so there is no need for users to re-enter the data once when they are back in the office.

The app also is a place where users can obtain customer information including their billing history.

“Many sales deals are done outside of the office and therefore having Biztory mobile app will bring convenience to sales staff to help them create and share sales invoices easily from anywhere using a mobile device like a smartphone,” Bryan commented.

He continued, “Accounting is a core business function within any business regardless of their size. By digitizing its process, it can help businesses become efficient and reduce their reliance on papers.” 

Small business owner Tony Chua, who runs an online creative platform called Rtist, said, “We’ve been using Biztory since 2018. Biztory mobile app is definitely a good idea. We like the fact that the app lets users create and share invoices, a useful tool, especially when we work remotely. It’s an added convenience.”

Biztory mobile accounting app is available in English and Mandarin languages. Meanwhile, subscribers of S and M service packages will have to upgrade to L package to allow them to use Biztory mobile accounting app.

“Biztory plans to add more features in its mobile app in the coming months. The next important features where we plan to add include Create Quotation and Sales Target. We hope to get these released in the third quarter of 2020,” Bryan concluded.

About Biztory:
Founded in 2015, Biztory is an easy-to-use and secure cloud accounting software designed for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With Biztory, business owners may monitor business metrics and cash flow at any time as long as they are connected to the Internet. The cloud software also allows users to note down their invoices, purchases, and expenses as well as do their monthly bank reconciliation. Biztory is a brand of Vectory Innovation Sdn. Bhd. based in Puchong, Selangor. Visit us at www.biztory.com.my

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